ID Design From Concept

Each classic model comes from a unique brilliant concept.

Customers just need to tell their concepts about the products, our ID engineers will draw some drawings according to the concept right away. And customers can choose the one that they like, or give some feedback on the drawings, then the designer can do more drawings for customers to choose until they are satisfied. This process can be quite efficient if customers come to our factory for a face to face meeting.

Design team

At Concept Audio, we have a great team of experienced engineers


Talented designers and skillful production workers.


Products Rendering

Our passionate R&D team will design about 100 types of products per year for customers' reference.

Once customers confirm the final drawing, the engineer can start to do rendering with recommended materials and perfect finishing. This requires the engineer to have a correct understanding about the materials. If the materials and finishing are already confirmed, the rendering can be made quite fast.


Acoustic Samples Reference

For each kind of drivers, we will have a series of samples for customers to test and choose.

Concept Audio has our own core technologies for acoustic. We have got more than 30 patents mainly for driver technologies. The sound samples are manufactured with different sound tuning technologies. If customers cannot find suitable sound solutions from our current samples, we can tune new sound according to customers’ requirements right away, and also can develop new drivers if necessary.


Mock-up Sample Making

After customers confirm the sound, our mechanical engineer will begin the internal structure design, and then start to make the first mock-up earphone samples for customers to test. This sample can be shown to users or distributors for the first test and good user experience. Updated samples will be made according to customers’ feedback.


Tooling & Pre-production

When the mock-up sample is confirmed, we will start tooling. It usually takes about one month to make T0, T1, and T2 samples to work out a perfect mould. After finishing the tooling, we will produce a small quantity of about 30~50 sets for pre-production. These 30~50 sets of products are used to test the product’s performance, such as the measurements of sound, the reliability test, to make sure the products are perfect for mass production. Some modification will be done if needed.


Mass Production & Quality Control

We pay attention to every detail during mass production.

The main materials will be done 100% IQC to gain ensured quality for mass production. During the mass production of the earphones, we will perform 100% test & measurement for both semi-products and finished products. Before packaging, the main performance will be checked again.

One thing that should be mentioned is that the workers can only start to work after being trained for special skills.


Finished Products Show

Concept Audio especially focuses on the customers’ privacy when doing OEM/ODM business, and we promise that we will not show customers’ finished products.

To help customers understand our products, we will show some samples to customers, but only for customers’ reference.