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Except for the earphone, Concept Audio also manufactures headphone amplifiers. It helps drive the earphones with high resistance to get a better sound performance for users.

As our exquisitely-made product, this kind of amplifiers has two different gain modes especially designed for customers who have different interests. Adopting high-end chip NJW1195A from JRC as the volume control core component, we endow this product with an incomparable sound quality. The battery capacity is strong and can be used for over 10 hours. As for the appearance, it is quite thin with only 11.5 mm thickness, lightweight but powerful which can support the playback of 32 bit / 384 kHz and DSD256. Our technicians also take customers’ actual situation into serious consideration and they design multiple interfaces for the product to connect with various kinds of devices including Android devices, PC, and Apple devices. It is also functional that it has 4 channels of amplification circuits, allowing the product to support normal headphones, balanced headphones, and line out devices. In addition, the amplifier, adopting the pure analog circuit, has gained a heighten bass of the sound.

To satisfy the needs of customers, Concept Audio can also customize the color of the outer case.

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